Wax Seal Stamp PSD

Wax seal templates are always needed both for print and web projects. That’s mainly because in the past, people used to emboss wax stamps into their documents, papers and envelopes. Most importantly, each wax seal had individual design and belonged only to one person. And nowadays, wax seal stamps have become really popular. Designers use these graphics into lots of web and print projects. Wax seals add elegant and trustworthy atmosphere wherever they are applied to. Moreover, our wax seal templates are made in attention to every detail. That’s why we guarantee that you will impress your clients by applying our graphics to your artworks. For example, place the wax seal to product that needs more attention. This way you can inform your visitors that this product is on sale and has a discounted price. The uses of our wax seal template are countless. You are limited only by your imagination, so grab our PSD template and customize it as you wish.,We made sure that each layer is properly named and grouped. We guarantee that our PSD files are properly organized. Editing the wax seal stamp is as easy as pie. Use Adobe Photoshop to customize our template and find the perfect combination of colors and effects. Another great use of the wax seal template is educational. That’s right. By examining the PSD file you will learn a lot. And then you can apply the same techniques to other graphics and achieve great results.,800×512px,