Vector Woman Characters Set 1

Vector woman characters are always needed for various projects. You know that using vector characters is a sure way to animate your project and make it welcome and friendly. And with that great amount of vector woman characters in your hands, you are loaded with graphics for any project. We’ve got vector woman for business, sport, spa, travel, medicine and technology. Be sure that your clients, friends and partners will love our set!,One of the best places for cartoon characters is ,. They have awesome sets with lots of poses and moods. Take a look at their ,, they will surely liven up your artworks!,Do not limit the uses of our vector woman set only to website templates. We have built the PSD file with smart objects based on the vector version of the characters. So you can take any of the vector woman characters and resize as much as you need. You will not lose quality or effects. That’s why you could use the vector woman characters to print projects too. Be sure that these cartoon characters will look great printed on paper!,The vector woman set is designed by ,. These guys are really good at creating cartoon characters. We will keep posting their free vector characters as these graphics are a must have for any designer!,1277×989px,