Search Field PSD Collection

Do you know the reason why people go straight to the search field psd box when they open a website? It’s pretty simple. Users just don’t like to navigate. They often need just a small portion of what you’ve got. And the typical user will not spend even a second in examining your website but will rather scan it briefly and head straight to the search area. Well, there’s also a small percentage of people that are lost in your website and will immediately look for the search box. So think of designing and developing a search field for your website but be careful. Add a search field only if your page is content heavy or is about to grow up in the near future.,The search user experience is also very important. Be aware that most of the users will leave your website after a couple of unsuccessful search queries. So it’s crucial to optimize your search engine and provide useful information. Moreover, don’t place a search field only on the homepage. All pages need a search bar placed in a prominent place. Take that rule by heart.,We know that most of the web designers go too crazy when it comes to designing a custom search field. A search box has to be usable and user friendly. But don’t get us wrong, a proper search field should not look boring. Just keep aside from inappropriate designs and overloaded graphics. We strongly suggest you to take a look at our custom search bars. They are clearly visible and easy to recognize. That’s all you need when your website grows up and a search function is needed.,Need creative ideas for designing a custom search field? We’ve got you covered, go on and inspire yourself at our , and design a top-notch search bar.,1680×1050px,