Power Button PSD Template

Today we present our latest power button PSD template. It is a simple and tiny button that could toggle anything on and off. Moreover, we are releasing this power button PSD for free! Go straight to the download section and grab the power button PSD now!,Power buttons have become really popular on all kind of mobile applications. It is an easy and effective way to toggle things on and off. And it is really important for the power buttons to be perfectly recognizable. After all, when you push a button, you need to know exactly what it does, right? So we took the universal power symbol and produced a power button PSD template.,Power buttons are useful for mobile and web applications. Put your imagination in action and think of a proper usage of our free PSD file. For example, use the power button PSD for building a music player GUI. You will save time by using our ready-made graphics.,The PSD files of the power button are properly organized. It means that all layers are named and grouped. Grouping and naming properly the layers in a PSD file is a kind of a lifesaver for web designers. It saves time and frustration. It is much easier to work with properly organized files. Moreover, the PSD file comes in a super tiny size – just 91 kb!,If you need inspiration on GUI, visit our ,. You will surely get inspired to create more graphics.,1680×1050px,