iOs App Icon Template

We have designed an iOs app icon template as iOs applications have become more popular than ever. Developers produce new iOs applications every day and the total number of applications is more than 700,000. These impressive stats made us think about an iOs app icon template. And today we share with you the PSD file of our creation. We truly hope to be of use for those of you who want to present their application in an attractive way.,When it comes to presenting an iOs application, it’s much better to keep it as clean and simple as possible. After all, that’s the style that Apple follows. So, head straight to the download section and download the iOs app icon template! We guarantee that your clients will love it!,It’s a good idea to download the iOs app icon even if you are not about to design an application icon. There are other good uses of our iOs app icon. For example, place the icons to the slider carousel of your website. Then state that you are good at creating applications. This way you will easily create slides that grab the attention of your visitors. Moreover, iOs applications instantly create great look and feel when placed on a website template. So, think of a creative way for using our iOs app set and download the icons!,We have properly organized the PSD file. All layers are named and grouped. So it’s pretty easy to change colors and shapes. You need just a few minutes to turn these iOs app icons to something that fits your custom project.,You can easily change the wooden background from our iOs app icon with something else. Choose a suitable background from , and apply to your application design.,1680×1050px,